Supercharge Your Business with Exponential Improvements in Joy, Engagement & Teamwork!


Exponential Joy

Joy in Business? If you want massive gains in creativity, innovation, loyalty and customer satisfaction, it's essential!

And if you want to attract and KEEP the best talent out there, it's a powerful competitive advantage. 

Exponential Engagement

Companies with a disengaged workforce can never live up to their full potential and they may not survive at all in the new world of transparency, fast traveling information and choices.

Exponential Teamwork

We are at a unique point in history where technology has made everything easier.

But the importance of human ideas that can only be created in a team with diverse skills and perspectives has never been more important!

Is Your Company Struggling with Engagement?

You're not alone! Statistically less than 15% of the world's employees are engaged.

How much is this costing you?  Gallup found that disengaged employees are 18% less productive, 15% less profitable and have 37% higher absenteeism.

But that's just the start.  In today's "Idea" economy how likely is it that a disengaged employee will bring creative ideas that could exponentially grow your business?


XJET Flips traditional leadership model on its head

 It’s all about having fun doing meaningful work!

 It’s NOT a process, it’s a way of being- Embedding shared values, visions and ways of working together into the team’s DNA

  • From Command and Control to Invite and Inspire
  • From What’s Wrong, Broken, Missing to What’s Already Working that can be built on
  • From a fixed mindset to a growth based “what’s possible” vision
  • From Stressful, Boring, and Painful to Fun, Energizing and Joyful!

About Rob Murray, XJET Founder

Robert Murray is a Certified High-Performance Coach and XChange Facilitator. He’s leading the XJET movement to eXponentially increase the levels of Joy, Engagement and Teamwork in today’s new generation of organization. He's facilitated hundreds of powerful conversations and events in organizations such as Organifi, State Farm, Google, Pro-Match, DaoCloud, and many others. 

At 15 Robert Murray grew a business with a group of friends from a start-up to $200 million with the aspirational mission of being an example of how business COULD BE if it focused on making a positive impact in the world.  That mission was so engaging, he spent the first 20 years not even thinking of it as work!

He’s coached hundreds of people to get more done, lead others better, develop skills faster and dramatically increase their sense of joy and confidence, He coaches people on the leadership skills necessary to be successful in today’s world.

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